whale grooving

Bobo The Ninja

a second whale grooving


Welcome to our virtual gallery of all the major BTN projects we've made over the years. Click any of these pages and get taken to a mini new world based around the original art project....

NOTE: This is gonna be one of the coolest and also hardest to make parts of the site, so it's gonna remain unfinished for awhile. Updates will happen fairly often but do expect this to be made up of mostly placeholders for awhile

BTN Live

January 28th 2023-


January 23rd 2023-

The BTN Zine Series

November 3rd 2022-

Roastboi Returns

September 9th 2022

The Next EP

March 4th-May 27th 2022

Whale Saves Xmas

Febuary 4th 2022

Why Karl Marx Would Have Joined MobM: A Visual Novel

December 3rd 2021

Tunes and Grooves

Febuary 12th-August 20th 2021

Some Songs EP

October 10th 2020

Whale Jams

August 21st 2020

Old BTN Music Collection

June 19th 2019-April 26th 2020

Roastboi is good at games

March 16th-July 30th 2019


October 17th 2017-October 17th 2019