The Next EP

The Next EP is the 5th EP released under the BTN name, and follows the journey of Whale as he attempts to recover from the events during Tunes and Grooves and, in the process, discovers he's been tricked, not by his boyfriend, but by a entirely separate 3rd party...



Next (Intro)

the lead off single for the album, made this song in the final stages of finishing the EP since i wanted a song that had a more introy feel, so this was made pretty quickly lol. still pretty proud of this song and it worked as a great intro to this project, plus the intro is one of the better soundscape things ive done


very clean btn track, good little dance number and was also the first time i used one of my favorite synths. also fun fact, this track has a unreleased remix (called the club mix) that can be heard in the intro of the worbs mv

Egg (8 bit part 3)

egg im pretty sure is the oldest track on here and has probably the most fun history lol. originally i made the song as a backing track for this one animation jam, however i ended up just really liking the track so i decided to hold off on any official release until the next ep. is also the third part of the 8 bit series, which is not technically 8 bit at all lol

Worbs (Feat. SEESQE and Crish)

at time of writing, worbs is my favorite song ive made. at my heart, i really love pop music, and while i dont mind making electronic music like i am now, i desperately wanna make tracks more like the stuff that inspires me, and worbs feels like the closest ive gotten to that, the daft punk and 100gecs inspiration is a bit more clear here lol. also ty ofc to crish for the vocals, the samples of his voice are pulled from some voice acting he did for me and cavs on a old animation jam entry

New Jersey's Theme Part 4 (Interlude)

part 4 of the njt series, which has evolved from 2 less then 10 second shitpost songs, to a weird bonus track, to finally a weird experimental interlude that honestly i really like lol. new jersey is the name of cavs' long furby, this is not about the state of new jersey

the emotional part of the EP

this was just a pretty piano heavy piece i made, honestly have nothing deeper to say about this one lol


all of my music projects dont really start as albums or EP's or anything (excluding ost), they normally just start as a bunch of random songs ive made for fun. eventually one of those songs tho becomes a clear indicator that ive improved and am ready to start putting together a new project. hook was that for the next ep. hook felt, and still does, like a particularly driving and complex song that still comes together and like something i definitively could not have made on anything before this, still very proud of this

Surfer Synth

in contrast to the last one, i also almost always have one song on most my projects im most iffy about releasing, and that was defo surfer synth lol. it's the most simplistic song here, built off a really good midi guitar loop, and honestly it has grown on me a good bit. was funny seeing this song specifically do better on youtube then expected when i was fully debating cutting it for awhile lol