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This is pretty much our little blog/change log/newsfeed, enjoy!

Welp, it's been awhile

Written By Soup, 12/14/2023

has been awhile since I've wanted to write for this, got kinda lost to a creative project which ill get into in a bit, but im back! we're nearing the end of 2023 and with that ive been feeling the pull to get more and more into the web revival scene again, so here we are lol

am writing this right before i start on updating the website, to both jazz it up (have a banger idea for the home page) and to prepare for a new project that'll hit soon! am also hoping to get more into the community side of the whole running a website thing, maybe ill join a webring or smth, hit me up if you wanna chat or something! i check the guestbook pretty often :3

this year has defo given me alot to write about so ill be back here soon, have started collecting CDs fully now and am slowly amassing random cool old tech stuff that id love to talk about! probably will add a shrines section with the new updates. also came out with the 3rd BTN album! im really proud of it, go listen to it on bandcamp if you want weird dance/house music!

anyways this is mostly just a im not dead and am back post so not going to take up too much of your time lol, hope your days going well whoever is reading this!

First Entry!

Written By Soup, 3/9/2023

hello! writing this as the last thing before i push out the second way of updates for the website today, hope this is finding you well

didn't have the room to talk about all this yet but welcome to the 2.0 version of the site! had gotten kinda frustrated with the formatting and look we had going, so i decided id do a overhaul and honestly im really happy with it! to sum up all the major changes:

admittedly alot is still missing, but this new format is way easier to work on for me, so id imagine we'll pass the old website soon in terms of content! under this im going to include, for archival sake, the old stuff from the change log and stuff, just know this is the real first journal entry.

2/11/2023 Update

Update 3 time yeah!!!!!!!!!!! got 2 pretty big things done today, we have the start of the art page and a guestbook, leave a message if you want! other than that dont have much, am using a new thing to type stuff, so now i have spell check which is a godsend (shout out to Notepad++)

2/4/2023 Update

first projects page done bb!! one of the bigger plans for this site is i want to populate the projects tab with pages dedicated to each project, each customized and full of fun stuff like extra art, liner notes, summaries, and collections of links, and the Next EP has gotten it's page like that today!

that's really the main big update out of this one, other stuff is just random places where i cleaned up spelling and grammar a bit lol (got the spell check working!)

also! the btn live steam happened and im happy with it, go check out the vod on the youtube channel if you're curious :3

1/28/2023 Update

we're getting somewhere on this website making project! looks so much less unfinished lol

gonna start adding updates here for either BTN stuff or for site updates, and have a bit of both for today!

for the BTN stuff, we're gonna be doing our first live show very soon! will be a digital one tommrow, put out the trailer a few hours ago lol, go watch it if y'all are intrested!

and then for the site ive made a good few changes, here's a little changelog

and i think that's all, hope you're having a good day whoever's reading this :3